New Patient Packets Service From Cirrus Visual Streamlines Healthcare-Patient Communications and Compliance

Cirrus Visual - Marketing/Design/Printing - Tucson, AZ

Arizona-based Cirrus Visual expands its comprehensive healthcare patient packets service, providing customized, brand-consistent patient kits to health care providers across multiple locations

Cirrus Visual, a long-time Arizona-based commercial printing, graphic design and marketing company, announced the expansion of its unique healthcare patient packets service to health care providers across the U.S.  

According to Brandon Blair, CEO of Cirrus Visual, “Ever-changing regulations continue to demand more on healthcare organizations to produce forms and the documentation needed to better serve patient populations. Cirrus has created a method that streamlines the development, distribution and maintenance of sensitive and informative patient leaflets, forms and materials that are compliant with regulations, all the while providing consistent customized branding for health care providers across multiple locations.”

To meet the demands of clients, Cirrus keeps a live catalog of documents that clients can modify or expanded upon quickly and be printed on demand.  “Our new patient packet offering provides healthcare clients a complete, end-to-end solution that combines expertise in design and incorporates customized legal content in concise formatting to take into account readability, usability and meeting regulation requirements.”  

Communication is the cornerstone of patient satisfaction and health outcomes. So much of a patient’s experience within a healthcare organization requires printed materials to properly communicate. Blair states, “Our healthcare clients rely on us to help simplify a burdening process of providing up-to-date documentation. We are proud to be an essential partner and help our clients ensure proper communication to their patient populations.”

About Cirrus Visual:

In 1998, Cirrus Visual was founded with the vision of a commercial printing and graphic design studio working under the same roof and is composed of a team of listeners, artists, professionals, developers, consultants and problem solvers. Over the last 20 years, we have successfully supported hundreds of clients with their marketing, printing, and graphic design needs. According to Brandon Blair, “We measure our success by our ability to help our clients achieve their own. At Cirrus Visual, we value hard work, a great lifestyle, friendships, families, and we are proud of our long history of giving back to the Tucson community through supporting non-profits and local events. “ 

Please contact us at Cirrus Visual, 520-514-5704,, 601 N. Stone Ave. Tucson, AZ 85705

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