Customized Kits for Any Occasion - Appreciation Kits, Welcome Kits, Health Kits, Product Launch Kits, Retention Kits

Cirrus offers an array of customizable promotional products that can be branded with your distinctive touch and packaged into a personalized kit. We make the kitting process seamless for any kind of unboxing experience you want to create.

· Appreciation Kit - Express gratitude

· Welcome Kit - Welcome back staff or students

· Health Kit - Communicate a new germ prevention policy

· Product Launch Kit - Promote a new product or service

· WFH Kit - Engage with your remote employees

· Retention Kit - Reward your best customers

· New Hire Kit - Create a great onboarding experience for new hires

· Trade-Show-in-a-Box Kit - Personalize online events and meetings

Make your brand stand out with items that we know you'll love. Our blend of top-notch design, custom printing, and fulfillment capabilities can make it happen within your budget! And we can take care of the shipping!

Here are some ideas for creating a custom kit experience.


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